What is my out of pocket cost?

Zero. There is no out of pocket cost.

How long can I expect my solar system to last?

Solar systems can last up to 30 years. Because solar systems have no moving parts, they are very reliable and require little maintenance. Solar modules come with a manufacturers warranty for a life cycle of between 25 to 30 years.

How much does a solar System cost and how much can I expect to save in a year?

Many factors impact how much you’ll pay for a solar system and how much you’ll save. The best way to quickly understand how much a solar system will save you is to get a solar proposal built by one of our energy consultants.

What do you need to get a proposal?

We need just 12 months of your utility history in Kwh’s (kilowatt hours) and amounts billed each month. We can then create a proposal that will show the savings specific to you and your home.

Can I lock in my rate?

Yes, we can offer a guaranteed electricity rate locked in for 20 years.

What if the panels don’t produce the power they are supposed to?

Whether you lease or own your solar system, they have a production guarantee. The system is monitored, making sure that it is performing at its guaranteed production.

Will I still have a utility bill from my current electric company?

Yes, you will have to be connected to theĀ  local electric company’s Grid. However, the charges, if any, are minimal.