Solar Systems Built to Last

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Solar systems have no moving parts. We can change sunlight directly to electricity using solar cells. Every day, the sun emits photons, a special kind of elementary particle also known as light. These photons travel through space, eventually arriving at your solar cells, hitting your roof panels. The solar panel takes the photons and converts them into Direct Current (“DC”) electricity by using the energy from the photons to knock electrons free from atoms. The electrons change location, but the atoms themselves don’t!

Your solar system’s job isn’t quite finished after creating the DC electricity. Your household appliances actually use Alternating Current (“AC”) electricity. So the your solar system has to send the liberated electrons into something called an inverter. An inverter, is simply a device that converts the DC power into the AC power your television, computer and other appliances actually use when plugged into a wall outlet. Most solar panels will produce this power for up to 30 years.

None of this process requires no moving parts. This is why solar systems are so reliable and require little to no maintenance.

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